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Wright State Research Institute

What are the problems you’re facing today? What do you need? How can we help? Those are the questions staff from the Wright State Research Institute (WSRI) ask their customers in business, industry, and government as they form a partnership. “We want to focus on customer-driven problems,” said S. Narayanan, executive director of WSRI. “It’s […]
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Creating new technology to give Ohio companies a competitive edge

To compete in a global market, Ohio must develop new technologies to continually spawn innovative products that require minimal cost to manufacture and sustain. Wright State’s new Center of Excellence in Product Reliability and Optimization (CEPRO) will perform cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in computational modeling, simulation, and the optimization of complex structures, advanced manufacturing processes, and […]
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New research center could give hope to people with neurological disorders

Survivors of strokes and people living with Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and other disorders of the nervous system may one day find help in Dayton, Ohio. The Wright State University & Premier Health Partners Neuroscience Institute will speed the transfer of research discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside, improving the diagnosis and treatment of neurological […]
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Soaring to new heights

“This was my passion. Having a small-size airplane that looks like a fly is a dream,” explained George Huang, chair of Wright State’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and director of the new Center of Excellence for Micro Air Vehicle Research. Director: George Huang, Ph.D. (937) 775-5040 george.huang@wright.edu http://www.wright.edu/mav Using nature for inspiration, Huang […]
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New training facility will prepare health care providers for disasters

The parking garage of a high-rise building collapses. Thousands of gallons of water flood local streets. Miners become trapped in underground tunnels. Such real-life disaster scenarios will be an everyday occurrence when the National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR) at Calamityville offers its first training courses in 2010. The NCMR will transform nearly 60 acres […]
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Forging a path to meaningful data in today’s knowledge economy

How can computing better serve human needs? How can massive amounts of multimedia information be more useful for people? Those are the types of issues the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) will be tackling. Director: Amit Sheth, Ph.D. (937) 775-5134 amit.sheth@wright.edu http://knoesis.wright.edu Amit Sheth, professor of computer science and engineering and LexisNexis […]
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Student Profile: Meena Nagarajan

Meena Nagarajan, 28, of Chennai, India, is a graduate student in computer science who is doing research with the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis). Nagarajan is investigating how people are using online social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. She studies what people are talking about online, their choice of words, and […]

Student Profile: Heidi Abraham

Heidi Abraham, 25, of Springfield, Ohio, is a medical student who is working with the National Center for Medical Readiness. Abraham has provided training for and helped plan for disaster response, educated local officials, and worked on integrating medical students into helping respond to disasters. “The ultimate goal of these activities is to equip members […]
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