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About Wright State’s Centers of Excellence

Wright State University’s researchers, scientists, engineers and artists have joined their considerable forces to help business, organization, government, military leaders and regional developers to understand and meet the needs of their audiences and customers with creative efficiency.

The university’s new Centers of Excellence cut across traditional boundaries to solve problems and create innovative solutions where humans work and interact with technology, from information technology to flight, health care to process control. Business and engineering principles combine with those from the fine arts and social sciences in a market-driven approach to find answers to customer questions and needs.

The impact of Wright State University’s seven centers reaches beyond formal parameters to address performance, modeling and simulations, testing and training, and decision making.

The centers serve the Dayton region and the state of Ohio by attracting national researchers, educators, artists, students, and investments while producing a talented workforce, human performance products and services, and a quality of life conducive to future growth.

These seven centers will complement existing Board of Trustees–approved centers at Wright State that have major external funding. Their combined impact in the Dayton region will be significant.

Wright State’s centers follow the legacy set by Ohio’s Third Frontier. The state’s commitment to technology-based economic development supports research and development, skilled people, financing, market pull, a supportive policy environment, and other elements. The Third Frontier project has created an effective system for innovation. Wright State’s centers will draw upon that foundation to guide Dayton in the 21st century.

Dayton’s reputation for innovation is built on the intersection of creativity with engineering. Dayton’s ability to compete in the future is dependent on multidisciplinary partnerships, emerging technology, strategic collaborations, and human-centered innovation. Wright State University’s seven Centers of Excellence will support and lead the region’s vision for tomorrow.

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