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Flight Test

The chance to participate in an official NASA mission at the Johnson Space Center in Houston was a “dream come true” for 2015 Wright State University graduate Emmanuel Urquieta. Urquieta, who earned a master’s degree in aerospace medicine from the Wright … Continue reading

Literature of Peace

Carol Loranger believes that books can transform the world. “I’m a true believer. I really do believe that books can change people’s lives,” said Loranger, chair and associate professor of English language and literatures. “The idea that words can change … Continue reading

Mayor Whaley

When she was 11, Nan Whaley shared a paper route with her 9-year-old brother, David, in her family’s Indianapolis suburban neighborhood. While her brother worked to save money to buy video games, Whaley would get excited about the newspaper delivery process … Continue reading

Following His Heart

Shortly after he was elected to the city council in Beavercreek, Ohio, Brian Jarvis started using vacation time from his full-time job to focus on his responsibilities with the city. “After a while that made it clear to me where … Continue reading

Social Star

She has 3.8 million followers on Vine, 373,000 on Instagram, and 128,000 on Twitter. Her six-second Vines have been viewed more than 2 billion times, while her longer videos on YouTube have more than 3.1 million views. Online she’s known … Continue reading

Time to Ring Again

World War I had a profound impact on culture, society, and government in the United States, but many Americans neither realize it nor “think of it as their war,” says Wright State history professor Paul Lockhart. Lockhart and other Wright … Continue reading

Great Hunt

Steve Libert has spent the last 30 years searching for his Holy Grail: the Griffin, the flagship of French explorer La Salle that sank in the Great Lakes in the 17th century. After decades of research, thousands of dives, and … Continue reading

Filmmaker in the Spotlight

Filmmaker Brent Huffman wears many hats when he’s working on a project: director, producer, writer, photographer, editor. But for his latest film, he’s taken on a new role: advocate. Huffman is using his film to try to build awareness for … Continue reading