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Leading Lady

When the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory was built outside Batavia, Illinois, in the 1960s, a river of top scientists from around the world poured into the sleepy, two-stoplight town. The rural town’s transformation into a scientific beehive by the premier … Continue reading

Healthy Communities

Like an attentive gardener, Katherine Cauley, Ph.D., sows the seeds of possibilities and cultivates partnerships that produce healthier lives. As director of the Center for Healthy Communities, Cauley is a true servant leader, creating a nurturing environment where ideas germinate … Continue reading

Carnegie Classification

Walking through a Dayton neighborhood on a sunny day, Philip Ferrari and Elyse Giardullo were giving back to the community they love, while enhancing their research and leadership skills. They were the ideal pair to lead a team of 16 … Continue reading

In Their Words

Kate Hoover Because of the experienced pro-fessors and array of practical courses the communication department at Wright State University offers, my future is filled with incredible opportunities. As an internal and external communication writer for Woolpert, an architecture and engineering … Continue reading

Mass Appeal

Grabbing a box of Bill’s doughnuts and Starbucks coffee, Melissa Spirek, Ph.D., hurried to the Cox Media Center in Dayton for a meeting that would transform the mass communication program at Wright State University. Spirek, chair of Wright State’s Department of … Continue reading

Tuned In

Cramming in college … pulling all-nighters. Sound familiar? It’s not always a bad thing. In fact, it helped prepare award-winning composer Stephen Hampton for the tight deadlines he would encounter in the high-pressure music industry. “You begin to trust your … Continue reading

Connecting Classroom and Community

At Wright State University, faculty and students are joining forces in innovative curricula that improve teaching effectiveness by providing hands-on learning. “Service-learning engages students, faculty, and community members in a partnership to achieve academic learning objectives, meet community needs, and … Continue reading

Educator for Life

photo of M. Alice Callier

The phone rang one day and M. Alice Callier was shocked by the voice on the other end of the line—a student she had taught 47 years earlier. The former student called to see how Callier was doing and to … Continue reading

A Daughter’s Lasting Tribute

photo of Jacob Jaworski, the recipient of Rosemary Ramsey Scholarship

Like many children growing up during the Great Depression, Rosemary P. Ramsey’s parents had to quit school in order to assist their families financially. Yet they valued education so dearly that they insisted their two daughters receive a private education … Continue reading

Legacy society will honor the memory of Katharine Wright

photo of Katherine Wright

She flew in her brothers’ airplanes, met foreign dignitaries at home and abroad, and managed the household for her father and brothers after her mother passed away. Katharine Wright is perhaps the lesser-known sibling of Wilbur and Orville Wright, but … Continue reading