Going Places

Sleeping in the Sahara Desert, teaching in China, and witnessing political violence in Jerusalem were just stops along the way for Tasha Fox, a Wright State University M.B.A. student who turned her undergraduate career into a priceless lesson in world geography … Continue reading

A Wonderful Life

For Ron Amos, Wright State University reminds him of the 1946 Frank Capra classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Just as Jimmy Stewart’s iconic character, George Bailey, finds out what life would have been like had he never been born, Ron … Continue reading

Helping Students Succeed

Shirley Berry credits her alma mater, Wright State University, with giving her the best start in life and setting her on the path to future success. “I am who I am today as a result of all of the experiences I … Continue reading

Civic Duty

There’s one in Dayton and Beavercreek. Riverside and Vandalia have them too. In fact Enon, Oakwood, Brookville, and Bellbrook also make the list of cities and villages that have Wright State University graduates currently serving as mayor. “I’m so glad you … Continue reading

English Expression

The first students came from Chile. They were planning to apply for Wright State’s MBA program, but first needed to master English. So in 1995, the university launched the LEAP Intensive English Program. Founded by associate English professor Chris Hall … Continue reading

All in the Translation

To the soldier stationed in the war zone of mountainous central Afghanistan, the 10-year-old Afghan boy who bobbed around their camp was a welcome relief from the danger-induced stress. The boy would greet them with “What’s up?”—the first English words he … Continue reading

Chain of Command

Just inside the entrance of an off-campus retailer is a big, blue dot on the floor from which sprang more than two aisles with subtly placed racks leading shoppers into the store. It would go unnoticed by most customers. But not … Continue reading

Fuel Efficient

When Stephen Hightower applied for a sales position at Armco Steel after graduating from high school, he had good reason to think he would get the job. After all, he had been heavily involved in his family’s cleaning business—interfacing with … Continue reading

Family Affair

photo of The Bridges Family at Peerless Technologies

A plaque celebrating a hole-in-one sits on the bookshelf in the office of Michael Bridges, president of Peerless Technologies Corporation. The 51-year-old Bridges says the ace occurred “way back when” during one of the first rounds of golf he ever … Continue reading

Tale of Two Careers

photo of Roshawn and Michelle Winburn

Like many graduates of medical school, Michele Torres-Winburn set out to practice family medicine. But somewhere along the way, the Wright State University alumna discovered a different passion. Torres-Winburn, M.D., gravitated with laser-beam intensity to hospital medicine, drawn by the … Continue reading