Issue: Online Features

The Elephant in the Living Room

photo of Terry Brumfield's lion

John Adkins came to Wright State with a vague idea that he would like a career in film or video. He didn’t realize he would graduate with an enduring passion for documentary filmmaking. Or that he would go on to … Continue reading

On the Wings of Love

photo of the Neitzke family 2

A can of Coke sat in the car of Jim and Christine Neitzke on that cold Friday night in February 2010. It belonged to their 10-year-old son Matt. Matt had grabbed the can of pop before he left home, headed … Continue reading

College Mental Health Services

photo of Jerald Kay

Midway through Blake’s senior year of college, everything fell apart. He stopped hanging out with his friends, got into arguments with his girlfriend, and lost a lot of weight, because he often forgot to eat. He drank a lot, though—sometimes … Continue reading