Issue: Fall 2010


When Captain (Dr.) Tejdeep Singh Rattan, ’01 and ’05, became a U.S. Army officer on March 22, 2010, he made American military history as the first Sikh officer to serve in the Army in more than two decades. Continue reading

A Job Hunter’s Best Friend

When Andrea Foy was looking for a part-time retail job to help offset the expenses of purchasing a house, she went to her job interview as the polished, professional woman she is. While waiting for a manager to interview her, … Continue reading

Scents & Sensibility

When his job was put on the chopping block, graphic designer Stephen Rumbaugh considered his options for the future… Rumbaugh thought back to a book he read in the early ’90s on soap making and sensed an opportunity. Continue reading

Homegrown Movie

A young woman, missing for more than a year, mysteriously returns with no recollection of where she’s been. Her wealthy family welcomes her home with open arms. Haunted by violent visions, she begins to suspect that her father is hiding dark. Continue reading

Nature’s Kidneys

Scientists at Wright State University and the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) are conducting an experimental project at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) to demonstrate how wetlands can help clean up. Continue reading

College Mental Health Services

photo of Jerald Kay

Midway through Blake’s senior year of college, everything fell apart. He stopped hanging out with his friends, got into arguments with his girlfriend, and lost a lot of weight, because he often forgot to eat. He drank a lot, though—sometimes … Continue reading

A Wright State Treasure

When Wright State leaders travel to alumni receptions throughout Ohio and the rest of the country, one question continually comes up: How is John Talbott? Talbott, who retired in 2008 after more than 35 years of teaching accountancy, is one … Continue reading

Two + Two = Fun

Middle-school students lucky enough to have Anthony Holbrook as their math teacher got more than lessons in numbers. They got a floor show. Over his 34-year career, the Wright State University graduate made math an adventure. Holbrook’s corny jokes would … Continue reading

Gordie Wise: The Man at the Microphone

“Welcome to another exciting night of Raider round ball.” Thousands of Wright State basketball followers have heard that greeting at the start of basketball games over the years, but most of those attending would be hard pressed to put a … Continue reading

New Women’s Coach Says to Expect Changes on the Court

Fans of the women’s basketball team at Wright State will notice some big changes when the Raiders take the court this fall under new coach Mike Bradbury. “You will see a drastic change in the tempo of the game,” he … Continue reading