Professional Psychology

Stressful situation

Wright State associate professor Jeremy Schumm to train Canadian clinicians in PTSD therapy for military veterans

Canadian clinicians want to adopt a model used by Jeremy Schumm when he was associate director of the PTSD program at the Cincinnati VA. Continue reading

Putting on a Clinic

Psychotherapist J. Scott Fraser to retire after 23-year career at Wright State
Scott Fraser

Psychotherapist, professor and author J. Scott Fraser is retiring after 23 years at Wright State’s School of Professional Psychology. Continue reading

Excellence in Leadership (Classified)

Kim Hudson

She has chaired committees, mentored faculty, staff, and students, and served as an unwavering role model to many… Continue reading

Community Engagement

Katherine Cauley

Recognized nationally as an expert and educational leader in the theory and practice of service, Katherine Cauley, Ph.D., has worked to assist communities… Continue reading