President’s Awards for Excellence 2013

Excellence in Human Relations (Classified)

Kym Sellers

Kym Sellers is an administrative specialist with Community Health and the Center for Interventions, Treatment, and Addictions Research (CITAR), but to many on campus she is a friend, and an advocate for equal treatment. Continue reading

Excellence in Human Relations (Unclassified)

Alysoun Taylor-Hall

During her eight years as program coordinator for the Ph.D. in Engineering program with the College of Engineering and Computer Science… Continue reading

Excellence in Service (Classified)

Ryan Fullenkamp

Ryan Fullenkamp knows how to keep things working. Since 2006, he has worked in the Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance Division as a maintenance repair worker and as a plumber. Continue reading

Excellence in Service (Unclassified)

Kary Brigger

Kary Brigger is the assistant director in the Office of Institutional Research. According to her peers, she fully embraces the fact that she works for a service unit… Continue reading

Excellence in Leadership (Classified)

Kim Hudson

She has chaired committees, mentored faculty, staff, and students, and served as an unwavering role model to many… Continue reading

Excellence in Leadership (Unclassified)

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer serves Wright State University as an environmental compliance specialist, managing various programs including hazardous waste/infectious waste… Continue reading

Outstanding Unit

Interlibrary Loan

Facilitating an often unrecognized but critically important service, the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) office with Wright State University Libraries is the winner of the Outstanding Unit award. Continue reading

Outstanding Collaborative Unit

Rowdy 500

An on-campus food drive during homecoming week with a goal of collecting 500 food items, Rowdy 500 far exceeded expectations as participating employees  collected 700 items and $102 for the Food Pantry. The combined effort of members of the Alumni … Continue reading

Spirit of Innovation (Classified)

Becky Valekis

Becky Valekis’ may be an administrative support coordinator in the university Office of Annual Giving, but her colleagues consider her the “glue that holds the department together.” Continue reading

Spirit of Innovation


The quarters-to-semesters transition affected many things across campus in 2012, including the amount of time students had to go home for Thanksgiving. Continue reading