Wright State wins $25,000 for sustainability efforts

Photo of a bunch of people with a giant check

The university plans to use the $25,000 to increase the outreach of its sustainabilty initiatives.

On Oct. 3, Jasper, Ind.-based National Office Furniture presented a $25,000 Gift of Inspiration to Wright State to support the university’s sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives.

“We’re really honored that National Office Furniture has bestowed this gift on us,” said Wright State University President David R. Hopkins. “I can promise you that we will put this money to good use.”

“I see two women over there who I know will make it happen,” he said pointing to Linda Ramey, Ph.D., associated director of Wright State’s Office of Sustainability, and Cathy Sayer, Ph.D., the university’s director of service-learning and civic engagement.

Ramey said the university plans to use the gift as seed money to leverage funds for Extending Sustainability Projects.

The Extending Sustainability Projects have a major impact on campus in partnership with the campus community to increase outreach to support sustainable programs, such as:

  •  A challenge grant to increase the number of recycling containers on campus
  • Expansion of the Campus Community Gardens
  • Creation of a sustainability internship
  • Funding student studies for implementation of Green Action Plans
  • Provide transportation to school partnership sites for community service-learning tutors
Photo of people walking on campus.

Linda Ramey, Ph.D., (far right) led the visiting on a tour of campus to showcase the university's green programs.

Prior to the check presentation, Ramey led executives from National Office Furniture on a tour of the university’s Dayton campus, pointing out such green initiatives as the Campus Community Garden, new recycling containers and the solar thermal panels on the roof of the Student Union.

“We were very excited to have such a great winner this year,” said Kevin McCoy, National Office Furniture’s general manager and vice president of National’s parent company, Kimball International. “It was wonderful to see your campus, to see the vibrant community you have here and to hear about the plans you have for the Gift of Inspiration.”

National Office Furniture began its Gift of Inspiration program in 2009 to provide opportunities for educators and health care providers to enrich lives and communities. The program awards financial gifts that may be used for technology needs, scholarships, training and development programs, or facility enhancements. To date, the company has awarded a total of $135,000 as part of the program.


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