Relay for Life set to raise thousands of dollars, awareness for cancer fight

38 teams participated in the 2012 Wright State University Relay for Life.

Relay for Life is an event like no other at Wright State. Joyous exuberance, sorrowful reflection and slaphappy activity pack the event. It takes participants on a cancer research fundraising ride that creates memories that last a lifetime.

“Relay for Life brings so many people together in this outstanding way,” said George Frey, director of Wright State University’s division of professional development and faculty advisor for the Wright State student group, Colleges Against Cancer.

From the survivor’s walk, to the luminaria and then the all-night party, Relay features a flow of activity that keeps people walking and thinking about fighting cancer.

This year’s Relay kicks off Saturday, April 13, on the Quad at 2 p.m. Teams will walk for 18 hours to raise money for cancer research.

The 2013 Relay could be the most successful Relay yet. Student leaders say they’ve already raised about $15,000 and expect the bulk of the fundraising to take place at the event. Last year the Relay collected over $27,000. The goal this year is to raise $28,000.

Involvement is up too. Last year 38 teams participated, but 32 teams (over 300 individual participants) have already signed up and more are expected.

“We’ve gotten a lot more staff involvement this year too,” said Frey. “Since it started, this event has really been student driven, but the last couple years the staff involvement has been better than ever.”

Staff organization We Serve U is again supporting the event. This year the group has adopted multiple Relay teams to support throughout the event.

The latest numbers from the American Cancer Society (ACS) show that the effort to raise money for cancer-fighting research is needed now more than ever and awareness continues to climb.

The ACS says there are roughly 12 million cancer survivors in the United States and those numbers are climbing. Still, one out of two males and one out of three females will face cancer in their lifetime in the United States, according to the ACS.

That makes cancer research and cancer awareness tantamount to fighting back.

As in previous years, the event will feature activities that are sure to keep one moving even in the wee hours of the night—one involves participants stuffing their mouth full of marshmallows and red cream soda to the tune of the Police’s “Roxanne.” Another is a race between teams to break T-shirts out of ice blocks and put them on.

“Miss Relay should be really fun too,” said Frey. “Each team sends a male representative to dress up as a dolled-up pretty pageant queen to go around and solicit donations from all of the teams.” The male student with the most money is crowned Miss Relay.

With participation and donations surging, organizers aren’t resting on their laurels. With just a few days to go before the 2013 Relay, they’re using a catchy slogan to try and drive even more participation: 10, 10, 10—10 minutes, $10 and 10 friends.

“If you’re willing to come to the Relay for 10 minutes, donate $10 toward cancer research and convince 10 friends to do the same, the Wright State 2013 Relay will be a huge success,” said Frey.

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