Multicultural Dayton: Riad Ajami, director of Wright State’s Center for Global Business


Next to his numerous published works, and the many publications where he’s been featured, Riad Ajami keeps a stack of books in his Wright State University office to remind him of home.

Like his favorite author and poet, Kahlil Gibran, Ajami was born in Lebanon but chose to make America his new home. Taking inspiration from his roots and those who came before him, Ajami has grown to be a well-known expert on international business. Now, as the director of the school’s Center for Global Business, he’s been featured heavily in business news as journalists and industry alike search for implications in an ever-more-connected global marketplace.

While he thinks his office at the Raj Soin College of Business is slightly cluttered, it’s also filled with heirlooms and work that remind him that the world is shrinking. He tells me that’s a good thing.

Read the interview from the Dayton Business Journal.

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