From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2015

Excellence in Leadership (Classified)

Kimberly Sierschula

Kim Sierschula

Kim Sierschula

With natural curiosity, Kimberly R. Sierschula, financial aid, learned her way through finances and up the career ladder winning her the President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership.

“With each job responsibility, she becomes a subject expert. As an experienced member of the financial aid team, Kim is highly regarded amongst her peers for her financial aid knowledge,” said Mary Reshad, assistant director of financial aid.

Sierschula started working in the Office of Financial Aid as a student employee nearly ten years ago. Her desire to learn about finance led her to a full-time staff position, which she has held for seven years and counting.

She voluntarily trains staff members on various processes and serves as a role model to her co-workers.

“I have relied on Kim as a mentor. She is a wonderful teacher with a quiet and patient demeanor,” said Joanie Hendricks, data analyst of institutional research.

Not only can Sierschula understand complex financial information and communicate it effectively, she genuinely cares about those she works with and those in her community.

Sierschula serves as a volunteer on We Serve U, a volunteer organization for staff, faculty and students that help those in need. She took a leadership role on the Cancer Prevention Study project with the American Cancer Society. The project won the Greene County Community Outreach Award from the American Cancer Society.

Sierschula has taken on other leadership roles with We Serve U, coordinating the university’s Holiday Gift Program and serving as the liaison for Greene County on the Adopt a Family project.

“I feel she possesses the personal characteristics of an informal leader, namely honesty, integrity, sincerity and dependability,” said Aaron Skira, senior institutional research analyst. “Put simply, she helps to ground and orient others.”

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