Fairborn Daily Herald: Wright State MBA students help 4 Paws


Wright State MBA students Mark Preston, Angela Hart, Tony Hermes, and Ericka Thomas sit on new benches made for Xenia-based 4 Paws for Ability as part of their project.

A group of Wright State MBA students fulfilled requirements of their program and helped a local non-profit at the same time.

The eight project management students arranged for a pair of benches and a wooden handrail to be constructed for 4 Paws for Ability, a Xenia-based organization which places service dogs with children and veterans. The handrail has been up for a short time and the benches were delivered March 22.

Angela Hart, the project manager, had worked with 4 Paws in the past and reached out to see if there were any odd jobs that needed to be done.

“They were like yeah, we have tons of things you can do,” Hart said. After a walk-through, the team decided on the benches and handrail. Three students — Mark Preston, Antwon Moss and Katy Niece — built the benches themselves, while the team contracted with Indian Arrow Fence and Deck to build the handrail.

Through a fundraiser at City Barbeque and personal donations, the group was able to raise $800 for the project. Xenia’s Lowe’s donated the material for the benches.

“Incredibly helpful,” said 4 Paws Director of Volunteer Engagement KaLynn Clark. “We have a puppy house next door. We have staff, volunteers, families walk back and forth between here. (The handrail) is great to help for the safety.”

The benches allow families being trained a place to sit outside during breaks, Clark added.

The team will be graded based mostly on client satisfaction and its statement of work.

Other members of the group are Staci Willis, Anne Dittmann, Tony Hermes, and Ericka Thomas.

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