Welcome home

Screams of joy and excitement filled the Apollo Room of the Student Union on Sept. 10, as 85 female students pledged to join six different sororities to wrap up the end to Wright State’s bid week.

Students completed three rounds of discussions to select their top two sororities. The rounds included a philanthropy round, sisterhood round and a preference round.

“Today we are just celebrating where they end up and finding their home,” said Sarah Christy, a senior communication studies major and president of the College Panhellenic Council.

Every student received an envelope at the same time, revealing the sorority they will join.

“I want to meet friends that will continue to be in my life,” said Brooke Akers, a freshman crime and justice studies major. Akers is eager to meet her new friends. “I cannot wait to see which group that I get,” she said.

New members joined their awaiting sisters by revealing their name and sorority and bursting through a curtain while wearing their sorority T-shirt.

This is the 45th year Wright State has hosted bid day.

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