DDN Photos: 900 new students move to Wright State campus housing

Hundreds of employee and student volunteers helped Wright State’s newest residential students move in August 22. Photo courtesy Holly Shively, Dayton Daily News.


About 900 freshmen that will start classes at Wright State University Monday moved into on-campus housing Thursday. Another 1,000 returning students will move to campus Saturday. Along with those already moved in, about 2,200 students will live on campus. ‘There are more students living on campus than we were expecting. That’s being driven by more returning students choosing to live on campus again. It’s the fifth consecutive year that number has gone up. Where someone who had a good experience last year chose to live on campus again.’ To help students move in, WSU used 85 golf carts, 150 employee volunteers and 300 student volunteers in what’s known as ‘the day the golf carts take over campus.’

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