Modern Languages

2014 International Education Award goes to Kirsten Halling

S. Narayanan, Kirsten Halling and Michelle Streeter-Ferrari

Associate French professor Kirsten Halling helped spur growth of Wright State’s French program, led French Immersion Days and nurtured appreciation of France. Continue reading

Costa Rican students, teachers benefit from Wright State alum’s Peace Corps stint

Wright State grad Carl Weitz

Wright State alumnus Carl Weitz worked with students and English teachers in Costa Rica as a member of the Peace Corps. Continue reading

French connection

Wright State’s Benjamin Hirt brings cheese making, artisanal foods into the teaching sphere
French instructor Benjamin Hirt shows off homemade cheese

Wright State French instructor Benjamin Hirt uses cheese making with French language lessons to help students better appreciate the history and culture of France. Continue reading

Study abroad myth buster

Annual fair, increased scholarship support aimed at opening eyes, doors for students
(left) Wright State student Hannah Dos Santos, studied abroad in Morocco in the fall of 2013. Dos Santos is an international studies major who went abroad to study arabic.

A growing effort by Wright State to increase both scholarship money for travel abroad and encounters with students who have already done it is under way. Continue reading


Interest in Chinese booming at Wright State
Tai Chi Fan practice

Interest in learning Chinese has led to a dramatic increase in Chinese language courses, as well as a minor in Chinese studies, at Wright State. Continue reading

Wright State students visit France, meet WWII hero

College of Liberal Arts logo.jpg

Excerpt “Every American should visit the Normandy beach landing sites and the American cemetery and museum because it’s a way to truly honor the sacrifices of those young American servicemen so long ago,” said Kaitlin Coyle, Wright State French major, … Continue reading

Regional students immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture

High school students learned about Chinese calligraphy during a workshop at  Chinese Immersion Day on Jan. 30.

High school and middle school students visited Wright State to learn more about Chinese culture and language during Chinese Immersion Day on Jan. 30. Continue reading

Professor Damaris Serrano wins national literary award from Panama

Professor Damaris Serrano wins national literary award from Panama

Spanish professor Damaris Serrano received the most prestigious literary award from her native Panama for an essay she wrote on the construction of the first transcontinental railroad and the Panama Canal. Continue reading

Brilliance lost

An essay by David A. Petreman, professor of Spanish language and Latin American literature
Stefan Pugh

On Stefan Pugh’s office door is a plaque that reads “Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research,” a declaration not only of this professor’s remarkable accomplishments… Continue reading

Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research

Stefan Pugh
Stefan Pugh

Stefan Pugh, Ph.D., is the man who saved a language. Continue reading