Economic development, aerospace, immigration highlight Wright State’s annual Regional Summit

Wright State President David R. Hopkins, State Sen. Chris Widener and Provost S. Narayanan

Business leaders, educators, government officials and others discussed developing initiatives in workforce development and globalization during Wright State’s annual Regional Summit. Continue reading

Former Wright-Patt commander to lead Wright State’s Aerospace Professional Development Center

Cassie Barlow and Dennis Andersh

Former Air Force Base Commander Cassie Barlow will join the Aerospace Professional Development Center in September. Continue reading

AFRL sensors head lands at WSRI

WSRI's Michael Deis

Excerpt A former directorate head at Air Force Research Laboratory has taken a new position at Wright State Research Institute. Michael Deis was formerly head of the sensors directorate at AFRL, and worked in developing technology related to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. He moves … Continue reading

Brilliant for a day: The (REAL) science of brain enhancing stimulation

Prior to joining WSRI, Weisend served as an assistant professor of translational neuroscience at The MIND Research Network in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Excerpt Dr. Mike Weisend is a senior research scientist at the Wright State Research Institute in Beavercreek, Ohio.  He’s a neuroscientist who worked on developing something called neuroimaging-guided transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS. Basically, it’s a device that uses electricity to … Continue reading

Wright State Research Institute continues growth with new talent

WSRI's Michael Deis

Wright State Research Institute continues to attract talent staff, including the former director of the Sensors Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Continue reading

Wright State Research Institute looks to commercialize military technology

Wright State Research Institute Logo

Excerpt Wright State Research Institute says it is looking to commercialize military technology as it expands operations. The institute, a research arm of Wright State University, employs 85 and is looking to hire 10 this year. WSRI is in the … Continue reading

Calamityville allows simulation of trauma

Wright State Research Institute Logo

Excerpt Two SUVs overturned off East Xenia Drive Thursday, ejecting their occupants. One passenger had a severed limb; another suffered a collapsed lung. All needed immediate medical care. Para-military first-responders were soon scrambling on the grounds of the nearby former … Continue reading

Pioneering technology for medical field demonstrated at Calamityville

A weeklong training session at Calamityville included an exercise in which pararescue jumpers from the Kentucky Air National Guard rescued injured people.

New technology that promises to revolutionize training in the medical field by combining training with virtual reality was demonstrated at Wright State’s Calamityville. Continue reading

A $1 million home for drone testing

Wright State Research Institute Logo

Excerpt Where drones go, so does Wright State University’s Vigilant Spirit Mobile Test and Evaluation Center. There’s nothing quite like the 35-foot truck-and-trailer anywhere else, said David Gross, chief engineer for Wright State Research Institute. Gross hesitates to say the … Continue reading

Air Force pararescuemen to train at Calamityville

Calamityville training

Air Force pararescue jumpers, who recover and treat victims of combat and disasters, will descend upon Calamityville to train and help demonstrate new military technology. Continue reading