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School of Professional Psychology

Priority Funds

To support diversity programming such as conferences and training support for faculty, students, and staff, diversity dissertation support, materials, and guest speakers.  To be used at the dean's discretion.


This fund provides direct support to SOPP students in honor of Dr. Betty Yung who was a faculty member and an active board member for the HealthPath Foundation of Ohio.  This fund will support dissertation work and students working in violence prevention, in addition to supporting student travel and research.
This fund provides support for functions/programs of the School of Professional Psychology.
To be awarded to an SOPP faculty, staff, or student that is performing training or service activities or other forms of outreach to fulfill the mission of the School of Professional Psychology. If awarded to a student, the student must be in good standing and demonstrate academic excellence. Awards will be determined at the discretion of the SOPP Scholarship Committee based on requests received from faculty, staff and/or students.
To provide support of programs, and for faculty support, in the area of military veterans psychological issues.


Dr. and Mrs. Schuster established this scholarship to assist students who are working toward a Doctor of Psychology degree in the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. During their lifetimes, the Schusters contributed decades of service and support to health and the arts. Preference will be given to candidates who are in good academic standing and who demonstrate financial need.
The School of Professional Psychology established this scholarship to honor the contributions and memory of Jimmy Lamar Johnson. The goal of the scholarship is to provide support for doctoral students who demonstrate the values that Dr. Johnson embodied. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who has completed one year of doctoral studies and who generates creative solutions to problems, exercises effective leadership for change, and mentors others.
This scholarship fund, established in memoriam of Dr. Duke E. Ellis, was created specifically to assist African-American students in the School of Professional Psychology. This scholarship is limited to entering students and is intended to aid the recruitment of highly competitive students.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Redman established the E. Scott Redman Scholarship Award at SOPP in memory of their son. The award recognizes a student who, like Scott, shows not only outstanding academic achievement but also demonstrates an unusually strong commitment to community service and the pursuit of high principles. Mr Redman has continue to support his son's legacy. The award goes to a student who demonstrates diverse interests, persists in overcoming life's potential obstacles and has a financial need or other special circumstances.
To provide additional funding annually to one or more doctoral students in the SOPP to pursue clinical training and professional development en route to serving as a military psychologist in the U.S. Armed Forces and/or students who have demonstrated service to a military population(s). Student going on internships are also eligible to apply for this scholarship. Financial need is not a prerequisite but may be considered in the selection process.
This fund was established by the School of Professional Psychology to support student scholarships. This scholarship will be awarded to students at the discretion of the Dean.
To be awarded to an SOPP student that exemplifies the spirit and mission of the School of Professional Psychology. The student must be in good standing; demonstrate academic excellence; and have a financial need. The scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
Dr. John Rudisill established this scholarship in honor of his wife, Dr. Teresa Rudisill, to assist students in the School of Professional Psychology receive their doctoral degree at Wright State University. First preference will be given to students of Appalachian descent. Second preference will be given to international students. If there are no applicants of Appalachian descent or international students, the scholarship may be opened up to the entire school. The scholarship recipient must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing at Wright State University.