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General Designations

Priority Funds

60% of our student body are considered “caught in the middle,” meaning that they do not qualify for any merit scholarships and fall slightly above the poverty line.The Mission Scholarship was opened in 2013 to help keep these students enrolled and to ultimately help them earn their degrees and become Wright State graduates.
(formerly the WSU Excellence Fund) This fund supports the area of greatest need at Wright State University


This fund supports of the Ambassador Program
This scholarship supports the innovation awards and lecture series.
This fund was established to permit academic deans to invest in ideas that hold promise for making significant differences in learning outcomes, the delivery of instructional services and community betterment.
Annually Sodexho will donate $5,000 over the life of their Wright State University contract. Sodexho and Wright State University Business Services Department will jointly determine campus initiatives to be supported and provide guidance to the recipient of the funds
This fund supports distance learning programs
This fund was established to provide discretionary funds in support of the Athletic Council mission.
To support Annual Faculty Staff Appreciation Event
Financially assist Faculty and Staff experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. Fund is administered by the Hardship Fund Committee as overseen by the Chief Human Resources Officer.
To market and promote financial literacy through the GradReady tool on RaiderConnect’s website and distribute other information and/or materials during student orientation sessions or at other student/university sponsored; hold periodic workshops throughout the year on key financial topics using either prizes, rewards or refreshments as incentives to attend; joint financial literacy initiatives with Student Government support/involvement, focus groups to determine pertinent topics; develop a co-branded website, “RespectYourMoney.com;” develop programs/games to make learning about financial literacy fun which engages students to practice sound financial habits; explore re-instituting “Wright Financial Path,” a Peer-to-Peer financial counseling service.
This fund supports the expenses of "First Weekend", the fall quarter freshman orientation weekend
This fund was established to support programs of Ohio LINK.
This fund is used to support graduate student research and presentation of research at professional conferences and like venues
For general Graduate School purposes such as meeting events with the Advisory Board and community partners.
This fund supportst the ares of greatest need in the graduate Studies Program
This fund provides the support for the Nutter Center program
Funds used to support the annual Raidersgiving
This fund was established to fund expenses associated with the annual tech transfer symposium.
This fund supports undergraduate research, student expenses, and support for the inaugural Research Celebration.
Signage indicating Vishal Soin Innovation Park locations. Course & Curriculum Development for certificates & advanced degree offerings. Special workshops & initiatives related to industry collaboration/workforce development. Experiential learning experiences for our students.


Scholarships for students residing in Brown County, Ohio or Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Adams Pike or Scioto Counties.  See Agreement.
This scholarship is for continuing full-time Wright State students, with a documented financial need and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
To fund ABM Scholarship-- gift agreement being developed.
This scholarship is for students who are affiliated with the Advancement Division and have a minimum gpa of 2.8.
This scholarship is available to students of African–American descent with demonstrated financial need, or first generation students or those returning to complete undergraduate degrees.
This scholarship is for non-traditional students who are parenting while they obtain their degree. First preference is given to students majoring in English or Mathematics/Statistics
This scholarship is for incoming Beavercreek H.S. students. First preference is given to those who were Interact members while in High School.
This fund supports the university's highest and greatest scholarship needs as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
This scholarship supports at-risk high school graduates from Dayton Public Schools.
This fund supports WSU Alumni Association legacy scholarships
Scholarships for students in STEM majors.
A scholarship - See agreement.
This scholarship provides need-based financial support for Wright State University students
This three year, $2,000 per year, scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate STEM majors from the Miami Valley. Preference is given to those applicants who have a family member working at a Dayton Defense member organization, or are themselves working at a Dayton Defense member organization
This fund is used for scholarships for continuing undergraduate students in the Raj Soin College of Business and the College of Engineering and Computer Science
To fund scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or a related field.
Scholarship awards for 6 incoming first-year students @ $1,000 each. If applicant pool supports, the split preference is given to 3 students from CoSM, 3 students from CECS. Recipients must provide proof of child dependent status with an active duty parent in the USAF, USMC, US, USCG, or USArmy. Scholarships may be combined with other support to recruit high ability students.
This scholarshop is available to students in good academic standing at WSU that graduated from Wayne High School (Huber Heights, OH) or Northeastern High School (Springfield, OH)
To support future educator and/or environmental specialists.
To provide need-based scholarship support for first generation students.
Scholarships for students from the Miami Valley who have financial need.
This scholarship is for full-time continuing students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services. Recipients must have obtained a 3.4 gpa.
This fund supports four annual full tuition scholarships.
To assist under-represented populations
This scholarship helps the continuing students, who are in good academic standing who have registered with the Office of Disability Services or are a veteran of the armed forces; have demonstrated financial need.
This scholarship is for Graduate students in any major.
This scholarship supports Miami Valley resident students.
To provide need-based scholarships
STEM scholarships for non-traditional students.  See Agreement.
This scholarship funds to financially assist Wright State University students who participate in Hillel Campus activities
Scholarship for students choosing to attend or return to Wright State University after reaching the age of 22 and prior to age 37
This scholarship supports retention of current students who are at risk of discontinuing their education due to financial limitations. Successful recipients must have demonstrated financial need.
To fund scholarships for CaTS student employees.
To stimulate undergraduate students interest in University participation in preparing individuals for modeling and simulation
This scholarship supports a full time undergraduate student, have scored in at least 90th percentile of the ACT or the SAT and have achieved an accumulative high school grade point average of 3.5. It is now for the University Honors Program.
The Organization for Black Faculty & Staff (OBFS) offers this scholarship to students of an underrepresented group with a minimum GPA of 2.6.
A scholarship - See agreement for terms; Preference for those who have graduated from the Dayton Early College Academy (DECA).
Scholarship for students from Preble County
This scholarship is for students who work in the Registrars Office.
To assist under-represented populations
This scholarship is awarded to honor Robert S. Oelman, a distinguished former Wright State leader; all applicants are reviewed by their college scholarship committee; one nomination is made by each college to the University Scholarship Committee for selection
The recipient will have demonstrated financial need, be a Wright State continuing student or transfer student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 o a 4.0 scale, or be an incoming student with a High School GPA of 2.5.
To support WSU Mission Scholarships.
To support undergraduate students in the RSCoB OR those majoring in Computer Science in the CECS.
To support Liberal Arts majors at the Dayton and Lake Campuses
Scrappy womens Endowed Scholarship helps the female students majoring in Physics, Chemistry, or Management. Possess a strong commitment to becoming an admired business leader as well as displaying strong entrepreneurial skills and characteristics. Have demonstrated academic achievement within Physics, Chemistry, or Management.
This scholarship supports Wright State University's full-time students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
The award of scholarship funding to students in STEM degree programs in the College of Science and Mathematics and the College of Engineering and Computer Science as outlined in the scholarship agreement.
This fund supports the scholarships for student workers in the Communications & Marketing Department.
A scholarship supporting Wright State students
To provide need-based scholarship support for minority students.
This scholarship supports the study abroad programs.
For scholarships supporting Wright State (under)graduates pursuing graduate degrees at Wright State.
To support academic scholarships for students participating in intercollegiate athletics who are not receiving an athletics grant in aid.
This scholarship is for Dayton Regional STEM School students who graduated with a minimum gpa of 2.5. Preference will be given to students with financial need.
To support undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need. First consideration will be given to African-American or Hispanic/Latino students.
This fund supports scholarship opportunities to students who are employees of the Wright State University Police Department