Welcome to Wright State! Please read this message carefully—it contains important information about your placement into required writing courses.

All Wright State students must successfully complete two writing courses in order to enter most colleges and to graduate: ENG 1100, Academic Writing and Reading, and ENG 2100, Research Writing and Argumentation. To succeed in those courses, some students need additional instruction in writing through Developmental Writing courses offered at Wright State or local community colleges. The university determines who is likely to succeed in ENG 1100 through your ACT score and your performance on a writing placement test.

You must submit your completed test online at least 10 days before your scheduled Orientation date. If you do not, your course schedule may be incomplete.

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Questions? Contact us at (937) 775-5750 or at testing_services@wright.edu. Please include student's full name, area code, and phone number in your message.