Threat by North Korea termed ‘silly’ by some local experts


Donna Schlagheck, a Wright State University professor who teaches U.S. Foreign Policy and a course on the United Nations, called the situation “a fabricated pseudo threat from a young man who wants to portray a tough image to the world.”

“I think he is trying to secure his place and relationship with the North Korean military establishment,” Schlagheck said of Kim Jong-un. “It’s almost predictable, over-the-top and rash verbal behavior, which may very well be followed by a new overture to South Korea for peace talks. First, you show them what a tough guy you are and then you talk peace.”

Even though Schlagheck said she doesn’t believe that North Korea could deliver a missile to U.S. soil, the nuclear testing and threats should be taken seriously.

“Certainily they could against South Korea,” Schlagheck said. “We’re talking 30,000 plus (American) troops in South Korea. I doubt they could deliver a missile to U.S. soil… They don’t have the accuracy. But, they could kill Americans in South Korea and Japan.”


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