Wright State in the News

DDN: Former Wright State athletes seeing ‘the devastation’ of COVID-19

They’ve all seen people in stores and clubs, standing outside restaurants and attending basketball games, meetings and church while refusing to wear masks. They’ve seen people letting their guard down and gathering in large groups. Continue reading

Fairborn Daily Herald: Boonshoft School of Medicine sponsors COVID-19 vaccine task force virtual symposium

The Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) COVID-19 vaccine task force is hosting a free virtual symposium on COVID-19 vaccines. Continue reading

Dayton.com: Wright State grad nominated for breakthrough film role: ‘I feel so elated’

Wright State University and Juilliard School graduate Jasmine Batchelor’s phenomenal performance as Jess Harris in Jeremy Hersh’s powerful, thought-provoking indie drama… Continue reading

DDN: Wright State alums, father-son duo helping battle COVID-19 in same emergency rooms

Working together has its challenges, like constantly getting emails meant for each other, or patients or staff being confused over which Dr. Marriott they were talking to. But working together has also been a continuation of a close father-son bond over medicine. Continue reading

DDN: Wright State police use No-Shave November fundraiser to donate to Raider food pantry

Wright State University police used a hairy situation to donate items to the Raider Food Pantry. The department participated in No-Shave November, using the money collected during the fundraiser to donate non-perishable food items and toiletries… Continue reading

Fairborn Daily Herald: Wright State has some of the world’s top tunnels

Wright State University has received acclaim for its infrastructure that promotes accessibility on campus. As of 2020, that acclaim is now international. Continue reading

DDN: Wright State to continue hybrid instruction in spring

Wright State University’s spring instruction model will mirror this semester’s, although there could be a slight difference when classes start in January. Continue reading

Cincinnati.com: Wright State professor to perform one-man ‘A Christmas Carol’ radio show Dec. 23

It’s 2020. Expect the unexpected. The Playhouse announced that it had cut a deal to broadcast and stream a one-person version of “A Christmas Carol.” The star? The inestimable Mr. Bruce Cromer. Continue reading

Sidney Daily News: Wright State nursing students use augmented reality in patient assessment

Wright State University nursing students have begun using augmented reality to better assess patients, with virtual hearts, lungs and other internal body parts coming to life to enhance the learning experience. Continue reading

Sidney Daily News: Magazine ranks Wright State No. 3 in the nation for its wheelchair-friendly features

“When it comes to students with disabilities, it’s something we’ve excelled at since the 1970s,” he said. “What’s reflected in this ranking is that we have often gone above and beyond in what we provide our students with disabilities.” Continue reading