Special Collections and Archives

A special collection, indeed

Wright State University is home to region’s rich history in the arts

The Special Collections and Archives preserves the history of Dayton’s visual and performing arts organizations, giving researchers access to photographs, recordings, costume designs and business records. Continue reading

Century-old architectural photographs of Dayton made available to public by Wright State’s Special Collections and Archives

The century-old collection of photographs from around Dayton was created by architect Louis J. P Lott, and donated to Wright State by the Dayton Art Institute in 2022. Continue reading

Wright State Special Collections and Archives conserves rare books by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Rare, first-edition books by Paul Laurence Dunbar can now be safely viewed and studied in Wright State’s Special Collections and Archives after undergoing conservation treatment. Continue reading

From the Stacks: A View of Dayton

Lining up telephone poles and the landscape

Photos documenting the locations of telephone poles and lines in Dayton and rural Montgomery County in 1923 provide snapshots in time, often depicting major road intersections and the surrounding land and buildings. Continue reading

Ermal Fraze: the essence of a ‘can’-do entrepreneur

From the Stacks: Learn about Dayton entrepreneur Ermal Fraze, who designed the pull-off tab and push-in and fold-back tab on aluminum cans. Continue reading

Innovative spirit

Wright Brothers Day featured innovative research and demonstrations from Wright State faculty and students and local organizations. Continue reading

Annual Wright Brothers Day will celebrate campus and community innovators

Student flying slight simulator

Wright Brothers Day takes place Wednesday, Oct. 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union Atrium. Continue reading

Wright State receives grant to digitize local program featuring prominent civil rights figures

Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board, Wright State’s Special Collections and Archives will digitize videocassettes of the weekly television program, “Like It Is.” Continue reading

The Wright brothers’ mechanician

Charles “Charlie” Taylor, the Wrights’ mechanician, designed and built the engine used during the first successful flight. Continue reading

Historic photo collection of Rike’s holiday window displays housed in Wright State’s Special Collections and Archives

Rike’s donated the photos to the Special Collections and Archives in 1988. Continue reading