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Obama’s adviser pick may help Ohio

New economic adviser could emphasize trade, which would help the state’s resurgence.

President Obama’s upcoming selection of a new top economic advisor could be a double-edged sword for struggling Ohio, according to noted academic economists in the state. The replacement for Lawrence Summers could lift the Midwestern economy if Obama selects a … Continue reading

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Wright State-led consortium wins multimillion-dollar Air Force human-performance contracts

Air Force contracts of up to $6.4 million for research designed to improve human performance in dealing with terrorist threats, combat fatigue and other defense issues have been awarded to Wright State University and a regional consortium of companies. Continue reading

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Fire and Ice

Rubin Battino and John Fortman have had plenty of time to refine the Wright State Chemistry Demonstration Program.

They pound nails into wood with flash-frozen apples, touch off explosions that rattle the walls, and ignite hydrogen-filled balloons that whoosh into colorful balls of flame. Continue reading

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Predicting premature births

Wright State student is researching premature birth patterns and factors

When Rose Hedger went into labor more than three months before her due date, she feared the worst. Less than a year earlier, she had lost her baby after premature delivery of the child at only 20 weeks. Continue reading

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Meaner, greener fuel injection project

Researchers at Wright State University are working on a direct fuel injection project for gasoline engines that burns fuel more efficiently. Continue reading

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Autistic student blogger gets national attention

On her blog, Wright State University student Lisa Daxer touches on typical blog-like topics such as school, work and exercise. But the defining subject of her blog is autism—because she has it. Continue reading

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Reading the face of terrorism

A terrorist makes his way through airport security, blending in easily with thousands of passengers. But stress, fear and anger cause him to purse his lips and furrow his brow—uncontrollable microexpressions that occur in milliseconds. High-tech cameras capture the facial … Continue reading

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Wright State research studies how blind can feel fabric to experience works of art

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in Barker code.

A Wright State University doctoral student is documenting how fabric allows the blind to experience works of art by feeling textures, and the preliminary findings are encouraging. Stephanie Auld, a biomedical engineering Ph.D. student, has spent nearly two years analyzing … Continue reading

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Wright State Research lands multi million dollar contract

FAIRBORN, Ohio  — Wright State University has landed Air Force research contracts worth up to $6.4 million.  One contract calls for the Research Institute at the university to study how soldiers will perform under certain conditions, examine combat fatigue and … Continue reading

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Wright State University today

FAIRBORN — As more students graduate from high school they are faced with the challenging decision of what they are going to do afterwards. Many graduating high school students are seeking a higher education. This search usually raises the question … Continue reading

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