For the Media

Exciting things happen on the Wright State campus daily and the media relations staff in the Office of Communications works with journalists to share news and assist in their reporting. We are the designated office for communicating to the public and to members of the media.

The media relations staff uses its combined experience across all communications mediums to respond to media requests in a timely fashion.

We can expedite your reporting and help you meet your deadline. Staff members will:

  • Keep you apprised of university news
  • Find contacts within the university
  • Identify interview locations for broadcast and photo opportunities
  • Facilitate public records requests

University experts

Wright State University offers leading experts from an urban research university who are available to provide journalists with context and insight to news topics and trends. The media relations staff maintains a list of faculty and staff members who are available for expert comment and interviews. Contact a member of the media relations staff to find a university expert within your deadline or email us at

Frequently requested photos

Photos frequently requested by journalists are available for download by visiting the Frequently Requested Photography page.

For other photos of university members or campus, please contact a member of the media relations staff.

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