Leadership Stands Out: One accounting major’s formula for success

From the Ohio Society of CPAs online newsletter


Brandon Yanak, junior accounting major at Wright State University, takes involvement and leadership to a new level with his active lifestyle – on and off campus.

“Every experience in life is an opportunity to grow and learn something new,” said Yanak. His successes and accomplishments thus far are a result of his strong commitment to learning, leadership and giving back.

In addition to serving as a seasonal administrative assistant for Insurance Strategy Incorporated, throughout college, Yanak has been involved in numerous activities including Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Club and the John Talbot Accounting Leadership Program. “College is the perfect opportunity to branch out and get involved,” said Yanak. “I am passionate about accounting and sharing my love for accounting.” This passion led him to The Ohio Society of CPAs’ (OSCPA’s) Student Ambassador Program.

As an OSCPA Student Ambassador, Yanak is able to promote the accounting major and CPA profession to other students while strengthening critical communication and leadership skills. He has given multiple presentations to classrooms and organizations that focus on the opportunities and benefits of a career in accounting. In addition, Yanak took the initiative to create a new program on campus by partnering with Wright State’s Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement division. The program, called Inclusiveness in Accounting, aims to strengthen the accounting program’s – and the profession’s – diversity and inclusiveness. “The goal is simply to expose the unlimited opportunities and benefits of accounting to a wider audience of undecided college students,” said Yanak. “By reaching out specifically to underrepresented groups, I hope to make them feel welcome, wanted, and that a future is there for them in accounting.”

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