Wright State tunnels are popular destination

When the weather turns frigid or rainy, Wright State’s extensive tunnel system is a popular destination for all students, faculty and staff.

Because of these unforgiving elements, many students, staff and faculty are drawn to Wright State because of its tunnel system, a network of underground hallways and passages that act as a refuge from the harsh conditions above. Every day, thousands of people pour belowground, navigating their ways through the tunnels to their next class or meeting.

And regardless of the weather, the tunnels are an especially convenient way for students with disabilities to navigate around campus.

“It doesn’t matter if the weather isn’t so great outside, I can still travel in the tunnels and be OK,” Tyler Murphy said while traveling in the tunnels in his wheelchair. “I would’ve been stuck a lot more at another school.”

With two miles of tunnels linking 20 of 23 buildings in the academic section of campus, the tunnel system has made Wright State one of the most accessible colleges in the country.

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