Going for gold

For a second straight year the Dayton Regional STEM School held a STEMmersion class at Wright State’s Student Union.

During the last two weeks of the school year, students forgo their normal class schedule in favor of an immersion course of their choosing.

One of the classes that students were able to select was an Olympic STEMmersion curriculum that was developed by Joe Lawler and Adam Bolden, teachers at the school.

Lawler, who teaches history, focused on noteworthy Olympic moments while Bolden focused of the physical fitness and competing in similar activities as Olympians.

“Seeing these kids get out and do something fitness related is awesome,” said Bolden. “It’s good to see them get out at a place like Wright State and be able to do all of this activity.”

Over two days students played games in the auxiliary gym, billiards, table tennis, relay games on the softball field and went swimming and diving in the student union pool.

The Office of Campus Recreation provided lifeguards, equipment and the use of the Wright State facilities.

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