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Photo of Mary Zurawka, administrative specialist, Department of Criminal Justice

Mary Zurawka, administrative specialist, Department of Criminal Justice

Mary Zurawka has been an administrative assistant for the Criminal Justice Program since 2006. She also covers for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology when its administrative assistant leaves each afternoon.

She is a patient and attentive listener and faculty and students frequently comment on her ability to efficiently determine and attend to their needs in a warm, caring manner.

“I have had the opportunity to work with a good number of talented and outstanding administrative staff over the course of my career,” said Tracey Steele, director of the criminal justice program. “I can say without a shred of guile or exaggeration that Mary is one of the most capable, professional, and genuine people with whom I have ever worked.”

Zurawka is unfailingly courteous to students and faculty and will go well out of her way to assist those who need help.

When new students arrive for appointments, she personally walks them over to their advisor’s office. If she is talking to a student when a faculty member walks up to her desk, she pauses to introduce the student to the faculty member. She looks people in the eye and refers to them by name, exuding good humor in all her interactions.

“There have been several times when I have needed assistance and Mary has always been able to help me,” said senior sociology major Tracie Laughlin. “Furthermore, she always follows up with an email making sure the problem was resolved.”

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