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Photo of Tammy Boatman, administrative specialist in the department of economics

Tammy Boatman, administrative specialist in the Department of Economics

Since joining the Department of Economics as an administrative specialist in 2007, Tammy Boatman has demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication to the university.

Boatman provided hundreds of hours of support beyond her normal departmental duties to help the Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee  (UCAPC) in the semester conversion process. The work involved converting thousands of courses and hundreds of programs to the semester calendar.

“She largely trained herself in becoming one of the most adept individuals on campus in working with the newly developed workflow process and bringing to our attention many of the glitches therein that needed fixes,” said G. Thomas Sav, economics professor and UCAPC chair.

On top of that, when the Finance Department’s only administrative assistant was diagnosed with cancer, Boatman agreed to step up and help by splitting her work between the two departments. “Hiring a temporary person to fill this need would have entailed many more hours of training on the university’s systems with what I am convinced would have been less than optimal results,” said Marlena Akbhari, chair of the Department of Finance and Financial Services.

Taking on two positions also helped the departments accommodate reductions in the 2012 budget. “She handled the transition seamlessly and has now proved to be a valuable member of the Finance Department in addition to her longstanding importance to the operations of the Department of Economics,” said Thomas Traynor, chair of the economics department.

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