Excellence in Leadership (Classified)

Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson

She has chaired committees, mentored faculty, staff, and students, and served as an unwavering role model to many—Kim Hudson is the winner of the 2013 President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership among classified staff. Hudson is a financial services manager with the School of Professional Psychology (SOPP) and a true leader among her peers, especially regarding fiduciary and diversity-related matters.

Hudson enthusiastically works to make SOPP, the university, and her community a better and more equitable place. Her peers say she is tireless and optimistic in all her endeavors. She has also helped bring health care services to the community by aiding in Medicaid accreditation and sponsoring speakers who outline community health care needs.

Hudson never hesitates to take on leadership roles that are outside her comfort zone. Although public speaking is not one of her preferred activities, she has conducted focus groups, introduced speakers, and guest lectured in graduate courses. In fact, she carried a three-hour class about program evaluation and grant budgets with no problem and conducted a lecture that was excellently prepared and articulated.

Hudson has been a member of the SOPP Diversity Committee since 2004, and co-chaired it from 2008 to January 2013. She might be the only staff member who has ever co-chaired a standing committee within SOPP. During her time on the committee, she developed and edited the committee newsletter, established and maintained the diversity library, coordinated the annual dissertation awards, and maintained the committee budget.

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