Excellence in Service (Unclassified)

Kary Brigger

Kary Brigger

Kary Brigger is the assistant director in the Office of Institutional Research. According to her peers, she fully embraces the fact that she works for a service unit, which by definition exists to help others. Brigger is particularly excellent at understanding the needs of her customers, and how those needs integrate with the fabric of the rest of the university.

Brigger has built strong relationships with administrators and staff across the university and utilizes that familiarity to deliver data tailored to the needs of the customer. She patiently helps people understand what options they have, and makes sure the data they receive is consistent and accurate.

Brigger’s customer-service abilities continue to evolve from her detailed understanding of the different needs of the people and offices who depend on her for the data and analysis she provides. For example, Brigger works closely with the Division of Enrollment Management, and has created a dashboard of predictors for new student enrollment. She publishes the dashboard on a regular schedule to help them forecast the demographics of their incoming classes.

Brigger is also an excellent leader who creates a welcome atmosphere by mentoring others as they join the office. Her service on the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council (USAC), university committees, and other activities also demonstrates her ongoing desire to contribute to the university as a professional and member of the community at large. Simply put, Brigger is a well rounded, caring professional with many talents who provides top-notch customer service.

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