Excellence in Service (Classified)

Ryan Fullenkamp

Ryan Fullenkamp

Ryan Fullenkamp knows how to keep things working. Since 2006, he has worked in the Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance Division as a maintenance repair worker and as a plumber.

His peers say he is customer focused, highly motivated, cooperative, fiscally responsible, resourceful, and unfailingly positive and cheerful. He accepts difficult assignments even if they may not be specific to his job description, and he willingly works long hours, which makes him invaluable during emergencies and when special assignments arise.

According to his supervisor, Fullenkamp’s willingness to grow in his position has also been a financial boon to the university. He volunteered to obtain required education and certifications to conduct the health and safety inspections and repairs on the backflow preventers on campus. Using Fullenkamp instead of outside contractors has already saved the university tens of thousands of dollars in the last few years.

Colleagues say Fullenkamp approaches and completes every task with a high degree of expertise, commitment, and complete and accurate communication with everyone involved. His customers have given unsolicited, highly favorable reviews of his work and professional demeanor. Able to work with the least technical customers as well as engineers, Fullenkamp excels at communicating with all parties working on a project.

Fullenkamp also regularly provides insight and suggestions to improve work quality and productivity, reduce costs, and improve operations. He has the tact and diplomacy to effectively handle problems and conflicts. His colleagues say he is a natural leader who is highly respected by his peers, superiors, and customers alike.

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