‘She was basically my hands and arms:’ Burton couple overcomes disability to win film award


When Dominick Evans and Ashtyn Law say they’re a team, they’re not kidding around.

Having been together 10 years, the Burton couple, now living in Dayton, Ohio, recently had their script chosen to be produced by the faculty where Dominick attends film school. Law did most of the writing, and only feels comfortable with Evans directing. Evans, who has a degenerative neuromuscular disease, is in a wheelchair and has limited use of his hands and arms, knows he can trust Law to put a camera right where he wants it and to do all the physical things he can’t.

“Dominick and I have been working together for so long,” Law said. “I’ll mention a project to him and he’ll immediately know where I’m going with it. … He immediately sees my vision and directs the actors in a way that I’m comfortable with.”

Evans feels the same way.

“I really couldn’t have done that without Ashtyn’s support,” Evans said. “She’s really been there for me through everything.”
Evans will be entering his senior year at Wright State University’s motion pictures program this fall. Each year, the junior class competes to have a script chosen by the faculty and alumni to be produced, and a script that Law and Evans wrote together (Law did the majority of the writing, both said) was chosen.

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