Wright State celebrates grand opening of new Welcome Center

(L-R) Heather Rando, assistant director of academic support services with the Office of Disability Services; Seth Gordon, director of the Veteran and Military Center; Michelle Streeter-Ferrari, director of UCIE; Wright State University President David R Hopkins; Chair of the Wright State Board of Trustees, Larry Klaben; Jacqueline McMillan, vice president of Enrollment Management; Sukhmanjit Singh, student body president.

With the Sept. 4 grand opening of the new Welcome Center, Wright State University’s Dayton campus is poised to leave a great first impression.

Benefiting will be prospective students and parents, as well as existing students who have business with the consolidated services of RaiderConnect, including the registrar, the bursar and financial aid office.

Located at the front of the Student Union, the Welcome Center, which is also the new home of RaiderConnect and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, was constructed to create an inviting and branded space at the university’s front door.

“This is a very exciting day,” said Jacqueline McMillan, Ph.D., vice president for enrollment management at the grand opening. “The space is wonderful, it’s modern, it’s open, but it also will allow us to further improve our services to students and their families.”

For RaiderConnect, the integrated student enrollment services center was built to provide centralized, integrated, student-centered services both online and in person. Students can receive help using WINGS Express, at the help desk or in private huddle rooms.

“Students and their families will be comfortable here, and there’s an opportunity for students to be quickly served in a number of different ways,” said McMillan.

“We will continue to seek ways to improve the process, and streamline it for students, so that they can spend more time in the classroom and with their studies and less time in line for enrollment services.”

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