TyKiah Wright named to President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans

TyKiah Wright

TyKiah Wright also serves on Wright State University’s Alumni Board of Directors.

TyKiah R. Wright, CEO of WrightChoice, Inc., and a Wright State University alumna, has been appointed to the Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans by President Barack Obama. She heads to her first commission meeting April 17–19.

The 15-person commission is charged with strengthening the nation by improving educational outcomes for African Americans to ensure that all African Americans receive an education that prepares them for college, productive careers and satisfying lives. This mission is part of the administration’s broader mandate to restore the country to its role as the global leader in education.

Wright is well suited for her new advisory role, with more than 12 years leading an organization that bridges the education-to-employment gap for underserved populations, including people with disabilities. WrightChoice is a workforce-development organization she founded in 2002 that focuses on designing a framework for disability inclusion for businesses, while fostering education, leadership, professionalism and experience for youth and young adults, the next generation workforce.

She currently serves on Wright State University’s Alumni Board of Directors and the City of Columbus Community Relations Commission. She earned an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in business from Wright State.

From 2003 to 2006, she served as the statewide coordinator for the Ohio High School High Tech program, which promoted science, math and technology opportunities for high school students with disabilities.

The new commission will advise President Obama and the secretary of education on ways to advance federal programs that improve educational opportunities for African Americans, increase participation of the African American community in federal agency programs and engage stakeholders in a national dialogue.

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