Video—Wright State grad student’s website helps concussion victims

Samantha Sanderson

Wright State graduate student and former soccer star Samantha Sanderson cofounded a popular website to educate and support victims of concussions.

As spring sports pick up, so do safety concerns and fear of concussions. There are a number of resources available to help families, including a newer state law to better protect our kids.

“That timeline is just gone for me, but I got hit on the exact side of the face on my left side,” said Samantha Sanderson describing her second concussion. The former star soccer player has had about six, and is still in therapy.

“When I get tired my left eye will sometimes shut off, like I’m about to get double vision or something because I can’t focus,” Sanderson explained.

She is now studying hard to be a doctor of psychology to help athletes, especially those dealing with traumatic brain injuries. And she co-launched a website called Concussion Connection, knowing recovery can be very lonely, especially when you’re leaving a sport behind.

Watch the story from Fox 45.

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