Video: Wright State University is plugging into the future

One local university is making sure students and staff can charge their way into the future. They may not be to popular yet, but there are many drivers in the Miami Valley behind the wheel of electric cars. But they can only go so far on one charge. That’s why Wright State University is letting students and staff fill up while their at work or class.

“If we say I’m getting about a hundred to the electric gallon and I only have a 22 mile trip I’m spending less than 40 cents,” Todd Brittingham, assistant registrar at Wright State University.

You won’t see Todd Brittingham pumping gas. His car, a Nissan Leaf, runs only on electricity. Electric charging stations aren’t as plentiful as gas stations but trying to find a place to plug in just got a little easier.

Wright State University has installed two car charging stations for faculty and students to use.

Watch the report from WDTN Channel 2.

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