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Excellence in Service (Unclassified)

Victoria Oleen

Victoria Oleen

Victoria Oleen

From behind the scenes to center stage, one can find Victoria Oleen, managing director for theatre, dance and motion pictures, who serves in various tasks and fulfills many roles throughout the Creative Arts Center (CAC).

Oleen manages the budgets and Theatre Box Office and diligently follows through with various tasks in the seven degree programs in acting and musical theatre, dance, design and technology, motion pictures and theatre studies.

She is the managing director for one of Dayton’s largest subscription arts organization and is the image of Wright State’s productions to the community.

Oleen has worked for Wright State for over 40 years, leaving her footprints within the Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures.

She works with 18 faculty members, 12 staff, eight lecturers, dozens of adjuncts and over 300 students and even potential Wright State students.

“In the community, Vicki is the person behind our ability to sell record number of tickets and subscriptions to well over 1 million patrons,” said W. Stuart McDowell, professor, chair and artistic director for the Department of Theater, Dance and Motion Pictures. “She deals with individual audience members on a daily basis … and is on a first-name basis with virtually all of our ongoing subscribers.”

Oleen has also contributed to the success of the ArtsGala, working behind the scenes on lighting and the design to the exterior to the CAC, selecting the movies and material for main stage productions, and the food, staffing and helping with clean up.

“She is often the first person on the job and the last to leave long after all of the performers and workers have headed home,” said McDowell.

Oleen is not only a hard worker who dedicates her time to a job well done, but she also supports her co-workers and students.

“She is the shoulder every student can lean on, the counselor every faculty member trusts, the discreet pressure release we all need and the master of the intricacies of this university,” said Joe Deer, professor and director of the Musical Theatre Initiative. “She is our longest serving member and she uses that deep knowledge to help us all.”

“Oleen deserves a standing ovation, a huge parade, a profound thanks and public acknowledgement of how much she has done to improve the quality of the department, college and university as a way to change students’ lives for the better,” Deer said.

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