From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2015

Outstanding Unit

Lake Campus

Wright State University faculty and staff.

Wright State University faculty and staff.

For years, faculty and staff at Wright State’s Lake Campus have provided compassionate care to a colleague and her family, through a campus-wide year of compassion campaign.

Sharon Showman, Ph.D., assistant professor of liberal arts, was a catalyst for the Year of Compassion, recognizing the needs of her colleagues.

Seeing the quick action from Lake Campus faculty and staff, “I have been humbled by the generosity of spirit and the helping hands that come out at a moments notice,” said Bonnie Mathies, recent retired dean of Lake Campus.

With a simple invitation for volunteerism many faculty and staff members have selflessly stepped up in both big and small ways–without expectation of recognition or awards.

A disabled Lake Campus faculty member, her husband who is also disabled and their two young children have been the focus of support.

Faculty and staff have been continually showing compassion for the family through both simple and complex tasks including: shoveling snow, providing rides to Cub Scout meetings, changing window screens, mowing the lawn, baking cookies, helping with birthday parties and taking on a myriad of other chores and activities.

Lake Campus faculty and staff “are grateful for the family to allow them to be intentional about their practice of compassion as a university community,” Mathies said.

Mathies said the mantra is “do what you can … when you can … how you can.”

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