ArtsGala scholarship keeps art student painting

Aileen Cave has taken the long way around in pursuing her love of art.

The 55-year-old Wright State student has worked in the banking industry, attended multiple colleges and universities, spent 17 years as a paralegal and raised a family.

Today, she is taking classes in intermediate painting and advanced drawing and is scheduled to graduate on April 30 with a bachelor of fine arts.

“I loved the fact that they were giving me answers, things I didn’t understand about art, teaching me things I didn’t have a clue about,” she said. “Learning doesn’t have to be at a formal institution, but it sure speeds up the process. You can do it by the school of hard knocks — which I have done — but I am ready for the fast track.”

Cave’s goal is to get her master’s degree in fine art and become a studio painter. “I think you have to paint a whole lot of paintings to own the knowledge,” she said. “I really want to learn how to express the things I want to express.”

You can see artwork by Cave and other Wright State fine art students at ArtsGala on Saturday, April 9.

ArtsGala draws nearly 800 patrons each year to enjoy an impressive program of student performances in theatre, dance, motion pictures, music and visual arts. During its 16-year history, the event has raised $2 million and created over 50 scholarships for fine and performing arts students.

Visit for information and tickets.

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