The new Creative Arts Center impresses visitors

Numerous new studios for art, dance and music students; light-filled art galleries; a catwalk connecting offices and classrooms on the second floor; and a spectacular front entrance are among the striking changes visitors found in Wright State University’s renovated and expanded Creative Arts Center.

The College of Liberal Arts celebrated the completion of the Creative Arts Center’s two-year modernization and expansion project with an open house on Nov. 9.

The event featured a behind-the-scenes look at the university’s talented fine and performing arts students. Visitors were able to see students at work in their fine arts, modern dance and acting classes, as well as during wind symphony and university chorus rehearsals.

Dom Bigler, a 30-year patron of Wright State’s theatre programs visited the open house and was impressed with what he saw. “It’s just a wonderful university and we watch it just get better, better and better over the years,” he said.

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