Farmers’ impact reaches far beyond Buckeye state


Looking out at the Panama Canal, Tiffany Ricketts was in awe of the sight before her. Mega-sized cargo ships carrying thousands of shipping containers were passing through the canal at the rate of about 40 per day. Equally mesmerizing was the thought that grain from Ohio or even her family farm in Mercer and Van Wert counties could be passing through. After all, one of every three rows of the state’s corn or soybeans are exported every year.

“It made me think of the times I’m in the tractor or Dad in the combine harvesting and that our own grain could be going through here,” said Ricketts, who is studying agriculture at Wright State University Lake Campus. Ricketts, one of Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Agricultural Professionals, joined other university students on an agricultural tour of Panama last spring where they visited coffee, horse, orchid and other farms.

Read the article from Our Ohio magazine.

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