Dayton City Paper review: Wright State Theatre begins 43rd season with a bang


Walking into the Festival Playhouse performance space, it was clear that this play was going to please. Director Joe Deer, cast, and crew delivered on their promises as soon as the house welcomed us on opening night.

The set was superb and acts as a prequel to the story, where, in each nook there seemed to be a lifetime of stories about the Sycamore family. Set designer, David J. Castellano, and props master, John Lavarnway, along with carpenters, Ian Ashwell, Steph Macchia, and crews, all set a high bar for the performance to come. The interior of the Sycamore home gave the stage a wonderful depth of space and color. The scenic artist team of Laura Dyehouse, Sabrina Nichols, and Carleigh Siebert create an appropriate atmosphere for the audience. Sitting in the audience waiting for the lights to dim, the set begs us to engage. It draws us into the world of the play.

Read the review from the Dayton City Paper.

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