DDN: Local couple’s photo booth company continues strong growth

Wright State MBA student Jaymee Prichard and her husband, Jake, a Wright State grad, operate a successful photo booth rental company.

When Fairborn resident Jake Prichard started a photo booth company with his brother as a 21-year-old student at Wright State University, he never expected it to take off.

But the company now operated by Prichard and his wife Jayme has seen double and triple digit growth every year since it launched.

“The expectation was to just get one photo booth and have fun with it, but so many phone calls kept pouring in and so many people kept inquiring about it that we saw an opportunity to keep running,” Jake said.

While Jayme, a 20-year-old psychology major at the time, had helped with graphic design and logo work, she didn’t fully step on board until about six months after Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was born.

“I saw my parents’ company grow and that was exciting for them,” Jaymee said. “I was kind of forced into it and I liked it…It’s something I want to do all my life.”

She enjoyed crunching numbers and working the books, she said, sparking a return to Wright State where she’s now working toward a Master of Business Administration, while also serving as the vice president of the company.

Read the article from the Dayton Daily News.

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