Wright State will welcome 900 new students on Move-In Day on Aug. 22

More than 2,200 new and returning students will move into Wright State residence halls and on-campus apartments during Operation Move-In.

Wright State University will welcome new residential students to the Dayton Campus during the annual Move-in Day on Thursday, Aug. 22, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

During the day, much of the Wright State community will help 900 new students move into 29 residence halls and on-campus apartments, including the Honors Community, the Woods and Hamilton Hall, before the fall semester begins.

Move-In Day will include 85 golf carts and more than 150 staff, faculty and community volunteers and 300 student volunteers to help new arrivals settle on campus. The student volunteers will move in Aug. 21 so they are ready to assist on Move-In Day.

Operation Move-In continues on Saturday, Aug. 24, when more than 1,000 returning students will move into residence halls and apartments, including College Park, Forest Lane and University Park.

This year marks the 28th year the Wright State community will come together for Operation Move-In.

Dan Bertsos, director of residence life and housing, described Move-In Day as a “great welcome home celebration.”

“Move-In Day is the beginning of the next chapter in the lives of these students and their families,” Bertsos said. “The new experiences they have during the coming year will begin to define what’s important to them and how they’ll live their lives as independent adults in a community that is probably more diverse and challenging than they’ve ever seen. Speaking as a Wright State parent who has lived through the college years a couple times, it will be the fastest four years of their lives.”

Three hundred returning students volunteered this year to help new arrivals settle on campus on Move-In Day on Aug 22.

Parking and check-in locations vary depending on where students are living on campus.

All students moving into the residence halls should look for traffic guides and signs directing them to the appropriate parking lot. Those moving into Hamilton Hall should park in parking lot 4 and check-in at the Hamilton Dispatch Tent. Honors Community residents should enter through the first College Park gate on Zink Road and check-in at the Honors Dispatch Tent. Woods Community residents, excluding Pine Hall, should enter campus via University Boulevard and park in lot 4. Woods Pine Hall residents should enter the first College Park gate on Zink Road and offload in parking lot W, or “The Pit.”

All students moving into apartments should report to their building for check-in.

Students are encouraged to bring items like a computer, seasonal clothing, extra-large twin sheets, a mattress pad, pillows and comforters, rugs, bathmat, towels and other toiletries, clothes hamper, umbrella, lockbox, cooking utensils, plates, cups and silverware. Students should read the Residence Life and Housing website for more details on what to bring and what not to bring.

Living on campus can help first-year students get accustomed to college life and orient them to the services that Wright State offers.

“Students chose to live on campus because it’s convenient,” Bertsos said. “The benefits of living on campus include developing autonomy by managing your own affairs, developing maturity and connecting to the campus better because you’re here all the time.”

Visit the Residence Life and Housing website for more information about Operation Move-In 2019.

The first day of class at Wright State is Aug. 26.

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