Going green

Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake campuses are getting facelifts while students, faculty and staff are learning and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are changing the color footprint of the [Student] Union itself,” said Thomas Conley, a supervisor in Facilities Operations.

Conley said that Wright State employees, students and visitors will be greeted with the university’s colors when they walk through the front doors of the Student Union.

All 23 employees in Facilities Operations are assigned tasks, which include painting numerous walls and ceilings in the Student Union, lighting upgrades, flooring repairs, working in large footprint areas and restroom improvements.

“Laying mulch on this entire campus is no easy task,” said Joe Dick, transportation and grounds manager.

Grounds crews have been laying much and continuing to trim and cut the grass on the Dayton Campus. Dick hopes employees, students and visitors will notice changes before they even enter a building.

“Even though COVID-19 is happening, the grass still grows, and we are going to keep it in tune and make it look good for everybody,” said Dick.

Transportation crews have sanitized the entire fleet of Raider Ride busses while Custodial Services staff continue to clean and sanitize university facilities.

Lake Campus will also see some color changes. When students, employees and visitors return, they will notice exterior paint changes and entrances to classrooms updated with university colors.

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