Wright State graduate student Ryan Rakoczy’s neuroscience research takes on new meaning after premature birth of his son

Physiology and neuroscience graduate student Ryan Rakoczy hopes to develop better treatments for prematurely born infants and others with breathing ailments. Continue reading

Wright State’s Stephanie Goodwin honored with Leadership Award from the ACE Ohio Women’s Network

(From left) Stephanie Goodwin, Denise McCrory and Robin Selzer with Leadership Awards from the ACE Ohio Women's Network (Contributed photo)

As director for faculty development and leadership, Stephanie Goodwin is responsible for assessing, developing and implementing campus-wide faculty development/leadership initiatives. Continue reading

Feathery touch

Wright State animal behavior students study bird migration, predator evasion during research trip to Poland
From left: Michal Kraszpulski, Martin Gooden, Rosa Tweed and Shana Huntsberger were among the Wright State faculty and students were took part in during a study abroad trip to Poland to research bird migration. (Photo by Will Jones)

The students on the trip made observations about various animal behavior experiments and produced research papers. Continue reading

Wright State staff recognized for exceptional service to the university

Move-In Day Unit

The President’s Awards for Excellence annually recognize classified and unclassified staff for the vital role they play in the success of Wright State University. Continue reading

Douglas W. Leaman named dean of the College of Science and Mathematics

Douglas W. Leaman

Douglas Leaman is currently chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Toledo. Continue reading

Redefining the many roles advisers play in student success

Sarah Cicora

Sarah Cicora, an academic adviser in the Department of Psychology, encourages students to meet with their adviser to learn about the many resources advisers can share. Continue reading

Careless people are skewing the results of scientific studies. Can they be stopped?

Nathan Bowling

Nathan Bowling, professor of psychology at Wright State, discussed his research on how careless people can skew the results of scientific studies with Quartz. If 10 percent of respondents in a survey don’t follow basic instructions, it can throw the … Continue reading

Diplomatically speaking

Wright State alum Jeff Austin '98 making a splash with State Department
Jeff Austin '98

Diplomatic career with the Department of State has taken Jeff Austin ’98 to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Tajikstan and the United Nations. Continue reading

Wright State researchers develop software to detect cyberbullying


Wright State University researchers are developing new software that can detect cyberbullying. The new software can search social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and detect messages that may be offensive or hurtful — and then alert the person who’s being targeted. … Continue reading

Visual encounter

Wright State cognitive neuroscientist Assaf Harel builds pioneering lab to probe how the brain processes visual images
Assaf Harel, an assistant psychology professor and cognitive neuroscientist at Wright State, has built a pioneering lab to probe how the brain processes visual images. (Photos by Will Jones)

Wright State cognitive neuroscientist Assaf Harel builds pioneering lab to probe how the brain processes visual images. Continue reading