From the series Faculty Awards for Excellence 2015

Frederick A. White Distinguished Professor of Professional Service

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

Whether you say nín hǎo (Chinese), hola (Spanish), marhaba (Arabic) or hello, learning a second language is no easy task.

Chris Hall, Ph.D., associate professor of English, directs the successful Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) programs and has been increasing Wright State’s international profile by strengthening partnerships with many countries.

Hall had already developed a combined undergraduate and graduate TESOL program that allows Wright State students to earn both degrees in five years instead of the six years it typically takes. He has since developed a combined program for a partner institution in China, Xi’an University.

The new program with Xi’an allows students to complete three years of their undergraduate degree at their home university then spend two years at Wright State to complete their senior year of undergraduate work for degree at Xi’an University and then earn an MA in TESOL at Wright State.

This new international program has already generated interest from other Chinese institutions. Right now, Guangxi University of Science and Technology and Shantou University are considering a combined TESOL program partnership with Wright State.

“It is certain that Hall is a stellar representative of Wright State and a tireless promoter of its programs and services,” said Michelle Metzner, senior lecturer and chair of the English Department Awards Committee.

Hall also created and became the first supervisor of Wright State’s Dalian Jianton University Outreach Workshop and Internship in 2011. No other institution in the country has such a program.

Graduate students have traveled with Hall to Woosong University in Korea and Dalian, China. Students noticed his knack for diffusing tense situations with appropriate humor and tactful comments. He is known as a gracious and generous mentor to many students.

He has served on many college and university committees.

“To say that Dr. Hall has worked tirelessly to serve his colleagues throughout the university is an understatement,” said Metzner. “He graciously fills in when other faculty are not available, never sending a student away without first offering help.”

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